Reference- 2

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Brush Designer

To create a bristle, select any of the five drawing tools in the toolbar (Freehand, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, or Line Segment), and draw the bristle's shape in the Brush Designer. Once drawn, a bristle's shape/position can be modified in several ways:

- It can be scaled horizontally or vertically using the resize handles. The height and width of a bristle can also be altered by modifying the h and w values in the status bar.

- If it's a rectangular bristle, the corner radius can be modified using the corner radius handle in bristle's upper-left corner

- It can be rotated using the bristle's rotation handle located along its right side, or by modifying the rot value in the status bar.

- Its position can be altered by dragging it with the Selection tool, or by modifying the x and y values in the status bar.

- The shape's geometry can be modified using the Edit tool. Individual points that define the bristle's shape can be moved, inserted (by double-clicking at the point of insertion), or deleted (by double-clicking on an existing point). Curves can be modified by moving the control points associated with a curve's anchor point.

Brush Manager

The Brush Manager allows you to manage both brushes and bristles, and also provides additional ways that bristles can be modified. Brushes can be Loaded, unloaded, saved, and renamed. Bristles have a host of options, which include:

- Enabling/disabling bristles. Bristles can be enabled or disabled individually, or as groups using the popup menu in the Bristles list. They can also be enabled or disabled in real-time by typing their number on the keyboard while painting.

- Deleting bristles.

- Resetting the anchor point. The anchor point allows the bristle to be rendered relative to a location besides its center. If the anchor point is placed at its lower left corner, for example, the bristle will be drawn with its lower left corner at the current mouse location. Resetting the anchor point will return it to the bristle's center.

- Duplicating bristles. Duplicated bristles appear with the word "copy" appendend to the bristle's name, along with a number.

- Renaming bristles. Since each bristle must have a unique name, this option is only enabled when a single bristle is selected.

- Nudging one or more bristles for precise positioning. Since nudging is associated with the Brush Designer, the key shortcuts only work when the Brush Designer has focus...moving the mouse pointer over the drawing area will allow this to happen.