Tutorial- How to create a brick texture - 2
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4. This bristle will be used for the primary fill color. Since newly created bristles inherit the attributes of whatever was last selected, yours may not appear exactly the same. In order to give it a brick-like color, select the Color tab (it's selected by default), and click on the Base button. The following dialog will appear:

5. We'll want to set the Alpha attributes so that the bristle will produce some subtle variations in color as the texture is painted. Select the Alpha tab, activate these settings (by clicking on the green button), and then enter the following values using either the sliders or the spinners:

6. Next, we'll open a new texture canvas so that we can begin painting. Select the New Texture option in the File menu. The default size is 512 x 512, but 256 x 256 will do fine for this tutorial: