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Semicuro is a Java-based application designed to facilitate the creation of complex bitmapped textures. Aged wood, hard surfaces like rock or concrete, textures that require subtle variations in color and/or "feel", are particularly good targets, but there are few limits on what can be produced.

Semicuro's unique quality it its "one brush, many bristles" approach to painting. Rather than a linearly-defined set of attributes for a single brush(which is typical of most paint apps), Semicuro allows you to define any number of bristles for each brush. Each bristle is essentially a brush unto itself, each with its own settings. When all these bristles are painted at once, the results can be quite interesting.

Creating bristles is easy - just use any of the five drawing tools to draw its shape, and then change the various attributes to suit your needs. There's a lot of room for experimentation, so have fun!

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Semicuro News

-- February 23, 2007
Finally - a new release! This release includes several bug fixes, and a few new features. You can get a summary of the good stuff here, or a more detailed changelog here. Since this version changes the location of the workspace (from ._semicuro_ to .semicuro), it might be a good idea to make a backup copy of any brushes you'd like to keep - just in case. Enjoy.

-- January 12, 2006
Added a new Samples section to the site, which will contain downloadable brushes and rendered samples of the textures that can be created with them.

Updated the Screenshots page to give prospective users a much more thorough view of Semicuro's working environment.

-- December 31, 2006
A nice mention of Semicuro on Many thanks to Brian for the review.

There is a bug-fix release in the works that will be available shortly.

If anyone comes across an interesting way of creating a specific texture and would like to share it, feel free to email me, and I'll post it - or you can simply mention it in the discussion forum.

-- July 18, 2006
Added a new tutorial, Working with wood textures, a three-page guide (with rendered samples) to creating wood textures.

-- July 5, 2006
Initial release: version 1.0b
In addition to the software, there is a tutorial here, and the initial version of a reference manual here.

Any questions or comments can be directed to graph_x at (email), or posted in the forum